Greatest Show on EarthPack your bags and head to Savannah to take in the Greatest Show on Earth! On January 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, you can catch Super Circus Heroes at the Savannah Civic Center. It’s an ALL-New Gold Tour that’s ready to roll out in Savannah, Georgia in 2014.

The show is presented by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. They promise wonders from the marvelous to the magnificent where every day is extraordinary. The action-packed circus show in Savannah will be filled with superhuman athleticism, power and pageantry! No matter your age, you’ll enjoy watching the elephants, horses, camels and acrobats team up with aerialists and over-the-top clowns. This show isn’t just for the little ones. It will have you laughing in stitches as participants discover their superhuman strengths. Super Circus Heroes are “far from ordinary, beyond extraordinary!”

Now for the stars.

  • Brett and Cathy Carden are exotic animal trainers and presenters. They are what many call the perfect couple, sharing their passion with each other and their audiences. They are now back on their fourth tour as featured animal presenters. Their acts will feature three Asian elephants, a mixed animal act with three camels and two Arabian horses and a new dog and pony presentation.
  • Ivan Vargas and Andrew Hicks are the stars of Clown Alley. Ivan literally grew up with the circus, a sixth generation circus performer on his father’s side and fifth generation on his mother’s side. Ivan has been part of The Greatest Show on Earth for as long as he can remember. And Andrew may be a first generation performer, but he has always been passionate about becoming a veterinarian and a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clown. He plans on being a clown for as long as he can be!
  • Ringleader David Shipman leads the show as he demonstrates what it takes to be a superhero. He will introduce amazing acts from around the globe.
  • The Shaolin Troupe Martial Arts Display will perform the ancient form of qigong that dates back more than 4,000 years in China. The group summons their inner “qi,” by meditating an hour a day to balance their energy. Prepare to see the unimaginable.
  • Next comes the Lopez Family, a high-wire act and motorcycle globe. They present a duo of energizing acts that will shock audiences. That includes a daring high-wire act with shoulder handstands, blindfolds and bicycles and a Globe of Steel act performance in a smaller-than-average diameter globe with faster speeds and more precise timing.
  • Finally comes Troupe Alegria, performing for the first time with the Gold Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. The group of two women and six men will showcase a mixed act full of high-flying skills, including mid-air stunts on the Teeterboard and Russian Barre.

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Photo courtesy of: Katrina J Wiese