Squares in SavannahBecause of Savannah’s rich and intriguing history, it is the ideal place to visit for an educational and relaxing vacation. From 100-year-old houses to significant sights, this southern city is a history buff’s paradise. President’s Quarters’ Inn is located on a historic square, giving you easy access to some of Savannah’s famous locations. When you come to visit us, you do not want to miss the Squares in Savannah. Read on to find out why you should come and see these beautiful plazas.

In 1733, the city of Savannah was laid out around four open Squares, each surrounded by four residential blocks and four civic blocks. The original plan for the city allowed for growth and thus expansion of the grid. During the 18th and 19th centuries additional squares were added and by 1851 there were 24 squares in total. Later, in the 20th century, three of the squares were lost, leaving only 21. However, in 2010, one of the three “lost” squares, Ellis, was reclaimed to bring the total to 22 squares. Most of the lovely squares are named in honor of a person, persons or historical event. Many of the squares contain monuments, markers, memorials, statues, plaques, and other tributes.

Our favorite square in Savanna is Oglethorpe Square, where the charming President’s Quarters’ Inn is located. The Inn is located not only in this beautiful area, but also in what is considered the most architecturally and historically significant building of Oglethorpe Square, The Owens-Thomas House Museum. One of the three remaining Regency style houses designed by William Jay, The Owens-Thomas House is one of Savannah’s most cherished examples of Savannah’s preservation movement. Both in its day and today, it is considered Savannah’s most classy house. Oglethorpe Square offers several things for you to enjoy, indoor and outdoor. Take a turn around the Square and experience the different styles of architecture that the city holds.

One of the Squares in Savannah that you don’t want to miss out on is Johnson Square. This Square was part of the original four squares that formed Savannah. The first of Savannah’s squares, Johnson Square was and remains the largest of the 24. The picturesque Square contains two fountains, as well as a sundial dedicated to Colonel William Bull, the namesake of Savannah’s Bull Street. The Johnson Square Business Center is another landmark of Johnson Square. Formerly known as the Savannah Bank Building, the Business Center was the city’s first skyscraper, built in 1911. Interestingly, the Square is known as the financial district or banking square of Savannah!

Now that you know about two of our favorite Squares in Savannah that you don’t want to miss, start planning your trip to the area to enjoy them for yourself. When you choose The President’s Quarters’ Inn as your Savannah destination, you are locating you and your family in the heart of Savannah on one of the city’s most historic squares. The President’s Quarters’ Inn offers a selection of lovely rooms and suites, which are all elegantly decorated to match the southern charm of the city. Before you head out to tour the Squares in Savannah, the Inn will offer you a signature gourmet breakfast. Book your stay today!


Photo courtesy Rob Shenk.