Consistently ranked one of the spookiest cities in the country, Savannah, Georgia, is an ideal destination for those who are interested in the paranormal. War, disease, and natural disasters took a toll on the city’s residents many years ago, and some believe that their souls still roam the cobblestone streets after the sun goes down. From old mansions to misty cemeteries, there are so many bone-chilling places to explore – and you can see them all on a Savannah ghost tour! If you think you have what it takes, book your stay at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Get Your Thrills on a Savannah Ghost Tour

Creepy Crawl Pub Tour

Guests can learn all about Savannah’s spirits (while drinking spirits!) on a Creepy Crawl Tour. Lead by an experienced and professional guide, you’ll hear thrilling tales of the past as you explore some of the most historic pubs around. The tour is approximately two and a half hours long and guests must be 21 years or older to participate.

Creepy Stroll Tour

If pubs aren’t your thing, sign up for the equally freaky Creepy Stroll, the most popular Savannah ghost tour for nearly 20 years. This tour is appropriate for guests of all ages and winds through the horrifying and haunted city streets. Each tour is conducted by a licensed guide and the cost is $10 for children and $16 per adult.

Hearse Ghost Tours

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget, take a Hearse Ghost Tour where you can cruise around the city in a real hearse that was used for funeral services for more than 15 years. Along the way, you’ll see striking buildings and cemeteries where strange energies linger while listening to dark stories of the city’s past. Reservations are necessary, so be sure to call ahead!

Sixth Sense Savannah

This Savannah ghost tour will send chills up and down your spine! On the 2-hour Sixth Sense Savannah Tour, guests will walk through the historic district after nightfall and explore haunted houses where poltergeists, shadow people, orbs, and tunnels await. For younger ghost-hunters, Sixth Sense also offers a family-friendly tour at 7 PM as well as a walking tour through the beautiful and mysterious Bonaventure Cemetery. Don’t forget to make your reservations!

Spirits and Scoundrels

For an uncensored, adults-only fright night, be sure to check out the Spirits and Scoundrels ghost tour where you’ll learn about the gruesome secrets of Savannah’s past, including murder, suicide, ritual sacrifice, voodoo, and even cannibalism. You’ll discover how these horrendous acts affected our charmed Southern city – but only if you dare!

Book Your Stay at the Presidents Quarters Inn

Although our historic Savannah bed and breakfast was originally constructed in 1855, you won’t find any ghosts here! Our cozy and peaceful rooms and suites are the perfect place to return to after a paranormal adventure, and you can enjoy a warm and delicious breakfast the next morning to get your heart rate back to normal. We can’t wait to hear about what you uncover in Savannah!

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