Savannah attractions Savannah is packed full with numerous attractions, from fascinating museums to picturesque parks. With so many Savannah attractions from which to choose, you might feel overwhelmed by your options. Don’t fret! We at Presidents’ Quarters are here to help! When you come to stay with us, you will be centrally located to explore the best Savannah attractions offered! Here is a list of our 6 favorite Savannah attractions that you must see when you visit!

1. Savannah Historic District

One of the most beautiful areas of the city, the Savannah historic distract, is a place you do not want to miss! Take a day and stroll down the cobble stone streets of the stunning area and be transported back into a different time. With every step you take through Savannah’s charming historic district, the traditional southern atmosphere comes to life!

2. Lady’s & Sons

A favorite attraction for locals and visitors alike, Lady’s & Sons will be an experience you will not soon forget! Located on Congress Street just off of City Market and Ellis Square, this quaint restaurant is home of Paula Deen of the Food Network. People come from all over the world to enjoy the tastes of Paula Deen’s famous Southern comfort food recipes. Enjoy a glass of sweet tea while savoring a delicious entrée the restaurant has to offer!

3. Davenport House Museum

The Isaiah Davenport House, located on Columbia Square, was built between 1815 and 1820 and is an excellent example of Federal architecture. Take a tour of this House Museum and learn about the history of this fascinating house, which features a fine collection of Davenport china and period decorative arts, adding to your experience!

4. The Savannah Theatre

First opening its doors on December 4, 1818 with a production of the comedy “A Soldier’s Daughter”, The Savannah Theatre is a fantastic Savannah attraction to experience. Now, after several centuries and a few renovations, the Savannah Theatre houses the performance ensemble “The Beat Goes On” and remains the oldest continuously operating theater site in America. Check out The Savannah Theatre schedule and find a show while you are in the beautiful southern city!

5. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

If you enjoy looking at different styles of architecture, make your way over to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The beautiful Cathedral offers an excellent example of French Gothic architecture. Located on Lafayette Square, the stunning structure was built between 1873 and 1876 and still stands to this day!

6. The City Market

Stretching over four blocks of the heart of the Historic District, the City Market offers an authentic atmosphere and illustrates the character of the city’s old open marketplace. The market features artists working in their lofts and exhibits of works for sale. That’s not all the City Market has to offer! With numerous restaurants, open-air cafés, theme shops, and stores offering crafts, accessories, and gifts, the Market has something that is sure to capture your attention. Don’t miss out on this classic Savannah attraction!


Now that you know about six of our favorite Savannah attractions, it is time for you to come and see if they are as great as we say they are! There is no better place to stay while in the beautiful southern city than at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn! Offering a selection of lovely rooms and suites, which are all elegantly decorated to match the southern charm of the city, you will not have trouble finding one that suits your needs. Your stay comes with a full delicious breakfast each morning, so your days will start off on a bright note. Complete your list of Savannah attractions with a stay at the Presidents Quarters’ Inn!


Photo courtesy Ron Cogswell.