History is not always beautiful, but both merge at Pulaski Square in Savannah, Georgia, which has moss-covered oak trees and remnants of the Civil War. Whether you explore the many historic homes surrounding the square, learn about the beloved Revolutionary War hero who the square is named after, or go for a leisurely stroll under the moss-draped trees, Pulaski Square is worth a visit.

Your Guide to Pulaski Square in Savannah


Built in 1837, Pulaski Square is named after General Casimir Pulaski, a Polish-born Revolutionary War hero who died from his wounds during the Siege of Savannah in 1779. Pulaski was convinced to cross the Atlantic and join the colonies in their fight for freedom by Benjamin Franklin after the two met in Paris. He fought alongside the French in the Continental Army and his story resonated with Savannah residents. Ironically, his grave and memorial monument are about six blocks away in Monterey Square.

What You’ll See

While there are no fountains or statues in Pulaski Square, but the architecture around the square makes for plenty of photo-worthy sights. It boasts beautiful Italianate and Greek Revival architecture after undergoing one of the largest redevelopment projects by the Historic Savannah Foundation. Live oak trees provide shade for guests who want to sit and relax on a park bench or in the cool grass. The house of Francis S. Bartow, a Confederate war hero who was the first high-ranking man from Georgia killed in the Civil War, is one of the famous buildings surrounding the square.

Exploring More Savannah Squares and Landmarks

Fort Pulaski National Monument

After you finish exploring Pulaski Square in Savannah, head 30 minutes outside of town to check out Fort Pulaski National Monument. Also named for Casimir Pulaski, this fort was considered nearly impossible to bombard following its completion in 1833. The Union Army proved that to be false when they rifled cannons and forced the Confederate soldiers in Fort Pulaski to surrender. Take a guided tour, walk around the complex, or watch one of the demonstrations featured at the fort.

The Many Squares of Savannah

Whether you are visiting the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in beautiful Lafayette Square or walking (or sitting) in the steps of Forrest Gump in Chippewa Square, there are plenty of picturesque and memorable squares to enjoy in Savannah.

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