Popular Savannah RestaurantsYou have planned your trip to Savannah, you purchased tickets to all sorts of great events, and you have your bags packed by the door. But wait!! What about food? What are you going to eat? Well, stop worrying! Here are some of the most popular restaurants in historic downtown Savannah that are sure to please!

The Pirate’s House, 20 East Broad St.

The Pirate’s House has been operational since 1753! They were first opened as an inn for seafarers and became a rendezvous for pirates and sailors alike while on high adventure from Singapore to Bombay and London to Port Said. Today, the entire family will enjoy this intriguing restaurant. They have an extensive menu that caters to all tastes and includes a wide array of scandalous desserts. They run fifteen separate dining rooms, each with its own distinct charm. Eating at the Pirate’s House is a destination all its own!

Joe’s Crab Shack, 504 E. River Street

Joe’s Crab Shack is an American chain of beach-themed seafood restaurants. It was founded in Houston, Texas, but now operates across the United States. It serves seafood and American cuisine.

J. Christopher’s, 122 E. Liberty

J. Christopher’s has been described as “one of life’s little luxuries”. This is the perfect spot for both breakfast and lunch in Savannah with family and friends. Using only the freshest ingredients, they serve traditional favorites as well as new, innovative offerings. Thick and rich hot chocolate, bacon waffles with thick pieces of bacon, and caprese eggs benedict are just a few items on this menu. This is not an ordinary place!

A. Lure Restaurant, 309 West Congress Street

Located in the heart of the historic district, this contemporary restaurant serves up classic southern recipes that compliment their rustic and modern atmosphere. They offer low-country gourmet, fresh seafood, straight-from-the-farm produce, and home cooked memories. Their building is rich with historic quality and architectural detail to create a unique dining experience.

Alligator Soul, 114 Barnard Street

Alligator Soul is consistently recommended as one of the best places to dine in Savannah. They are known for fresh, local, regional and organic fare. This is the perfect place for the business traveler impressing clients, the vacationer looking for a respite, or the romantic couple celebrating an occasion.  This upscale restaurant will not disappoint.

Angel’s BBQ, 21 West Oglethorpe Lane

Angel’s BBQ was voted Savannah’s Best BBQ. They can be found in a very unassuming physical building but the food is outstanding and much sought after. The menu is very affordable. They are open for lunch only on Tuesday and lunch and dinner on Wednesday through Saturday. Get there early! They have been known to actually run out of food– a very good sign!

Belford’s Fine Dining, 315 West Julian Street

Belford’s Savannah offers the best in fine dining. They are located in the heart of the historic district in City Market. You can grab a casual lunch here or host a wedding reception! Choose from a tender Angus steak, some of the best seafood in Savannah, decadent desserts, or many other choices. They are located in a beautiful old brick building in the heart of Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District. They are listed in Historic Savannah Foundation’s architectural inventory as a notable example of its style and is praised in architectural surveys for its arched windows, exposed brick walls and doorways with semiciruclar segmental arched toplights. Hyman W. Witcover, a practicing architect in Savannah from 1897-1923 is responsible for this design and that of many other historic buildings and homes. Over the years this building first was occupied by Savannah’s Hebrew Congregation, later by the Belford family, whose portrait still hangs in the west dining room, and later it became an important wholesale food company.

The Lady and Sons, 102 West Congress Street

This highly acclaimed restaurant was started and is owned by Paula Deen and her sons. From very humble beginnings as a catering sandwich business, The Lady and Sons has grown and expanded to the popular eatery it is today. At one time, crowds waited in lines that wrapped outside the building for hours but now they are accepting reservations. You will want to get your name on this list to enjoy Paula’s home cooked Southern meals and good times!

These are only a few of the many wonderful restaurants in Savannah that are there for you to enjoy. Those mentioned here are all located in close proximity to the bed and breakfast voted best in Savannah, President’s Quarters Inn, in the heart of the historic district. A stay here would make your visit to Savannah nearly perfect! Spring is one of the loveliest times to visit Savannah! While much of the north is still fighting the snow, azaleas and dogwood trees are in full bloom in the South! Click now to check for availability! 

Photo courtesy of  Muy Yum