Located in a historic 18th century Mansion, The Olde Pink House is a staple here in Savannah, Georgia. True to its roots, the restaurant offers an array of upscale Southern fare in an elegant atmosphere, complete with Venetian chandeliers, English antiques, and vintage pine floors. Guests can enjoy a meal in the stunning upstairs dining room, or have a more intimate experience in the downstairs tavern, where two large fireplaces flicker. And, it’s all just a 5-minute walk from the Presidents’ Quarters Inn! Here’s what you’ll find at The Olde Pink House.

Everything You Need to Know about The Olde Pink House


Named after the beautiful pink stucco that covers old brick, this Georgia mansion was built in 1771 for James Habersham Jr., one of the city’s founding family members. The house was home to the Planter’s Bank and the First Bank of Georgia between 1812 and 1865, and also served as headquarters for Union General Zebulon York in 1865. Today, The Olde Pink House is known as one of the best restaurants in Savannah, offering up inventive Southern cuisine in the dining room and live music and libations in the cellar tavern.


From classic chicken pot pie to crispy fried lobster tails, The Olde Pink House has an eclectic menu that is sure to satisfy any craving. Be sure to try their fried quail appetizer with southern succotash, honey glaze, and spiced peanuts, or dig into the pan-seared jumbo lump crab cake with fried green tomatoes and a savory remoulade sauce. The restaurant’s dishes change constantly depending on the season, so check the online menu or call to see what’s available. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Is the Olde Pink House Haunted?

Through the years, The Olde Pink House building has survived fires, wars, and a multitude of different property owners – but the spirits of those who used to live in the house still remain. A popular destination for Savannah ghost hunters, patrons of the restaurant claim to have seen and even talked to James Habersham Jr., who supposedly hanged himself in the basement in 1799. Staff members have also reported children’s spirits in the tavern, who frequently play pranks on guests by locking the bathroom doors. These spirits are thought to be of slave children who died in fires or from illnesses like Yellow Fever.

Come Home to the Presidents’ Quarters Inn!

Whether you’re looking for a paranormal experience or just want to enjoy a delicious meal, The Olde Pink House is a quintessential part of any Savannah vacation – and so is staying at our historic bed and breakfast! Located on Oglethorpe Square, our stunning inn features 16 elegant rooms and suites that are the perfect place to unwind after dinner. You can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep, then join us for a delicious gourmet breakfast in the courtyard the next morning. We can’t wait to hear all about your experience at The Olde Pink House!

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