Savannah is more wild than you may think! Just a short drive from the city’s historic district, the Oatland Wildlife Center is home to a wide variety of spectacular species and provides guests with unforgettable experiences. Visitors can admire the animals, attend fun events, and make stronger connections to the natural world. If you’re searching for a unique activity that’s both educational and exciting, look no further than the Oatland Wildlife Center in Savannah, GA.

What to Expect at the Oatland Wildlife Center

More than 150 animals call the Oatland Wildlife Center home. Visitors will encounter predators including gray wolves, bobcats, cougars, and red fox, as well as birds of prey like barn owls and bald eagles. The center also has farm animals like goats, donkeys, turkeys, and pigs. Following the highest standards in animal care, the center houses each animal in its own exhibit that mimics its natural habitat.

Educational Programs

The Oatland Wildlife Center takes education very seriously and teaches young audiences about the importance of preserving the world around us. Each year, more than 20,000 students walk through the center’s doors and take part in award-winning field trip programs. There are more than 40 innovative programs available to students, and each features a fascinating live animal encounter.

Upcoming Events

This fall, the Oatland Wildlife Center will celebrate autumn with two fun-filled events that the whole family will love. Guests can attend the Halloween Hike on October 21st and enjoy trick or treating, storytelling, face painting, arts and crafts, and more. Or, check out the Harvest Festival on November 19th where you’ll watch history come to life with old-fashioned butter making, old-time music, cane boiling, and cooking on the hearth. You and the kids will love learning about how life was lived in Savannah many years ago.

Make a Difference!

If you visit the Oatland Wildlife Center and decide you want to get involved, individuals, companies, and schools have the option to “adopt” one of the animals. An adoption donation helps to pay for an animal’s food, habitat, and vet care. Adopters will also receive a picture of their animal and a quarterly email newsletter with updates. Another great way to lend a helping hand is by purchasing items on the Animal Wish List. The Oatland Wildlife Center creates a list of items they need such as food, toys, and treats, and donors can deliver them to the center. It’s a great way to make an animal’s day!

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