There are countless squares in Savannah, Georgia. Each have a story of their own and are filled with history. They’re perfect to take a stroll through or have a seat on a bench to watch the day go by. Some of them, however, have been lost. If you look for Liberty Square in Savannah, you won’t find it. Here’s why!

History of the Liberty Square in Savannah

Liberty Square was built in 1799 to honor the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty were once an American Revolution organization based in Savannah. Right before the Revolutionary War started, they stole ammunition during raids on the British and shipped them to Boston. After the war, Savannah grew poor because their cotton exports were no longer as valuable. Boston remembered the Sons of Liberty and returned the favor to the city of Savannah by shipping food and supplies to save the citizens

Where Did Liberty Square Go?

When you walk through Savannah, you’ll see the perfect balance of old and new. In our city, some of the new has to replace the old. When the highway US 17 was built, its path went right through Liberty Square and Elbert Square. Now, each of these squares no longer resembles the space they once did but are now a small strip of land. A parking garage and the County Courthouse cover nearly all of what once was left. The square may be gone, but its history should never be forgotten.

Other Squares to Visit

If you had your heart set on visiting Liberty Square in Savannah, don’t worry! There are plenty of other squares you can visit. Here are some of our favorites:

Pulaski Square

If you enjoy the architecture of Savannah, head to Pulaski Square. Here, you will find Italianate and Greek Revival architecture thanks to the Historic Savannah Foundation. Relax under the stunning oak trees or watch the clouds go by on the cool grass.

Wright Square

Wright Square is one of the four original squares of our city! Originally named Percival Square, it was renamed in 1763 after Georgia’s third governor, James Wright. Here, you will find two impressive monuments, a burial ground, shady trees, and more.

Oglethorpe Square

Oglethorpe Square, once known as the Upper New Square, was created in 1742. Surrounded by historic buildings and trees dripping with Spanish moss, it’s a great place to sit and relax as you enjoy some fresh air.

Experience Savannah for Yourself

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