When the leaves fall from the trees and a mysterious blanket of fog covers the city, you know it’s time to book a Creepy Crawl haunted pub tour in Savannah. Following a guide through old pubs and dark cemeteries, you’ll quickly discover why Savannah is one of America’s most haunted cities. These tours are a great alternative to Savannah walking tours and are a perfect way to celebrate Halloween! If you’re thinking about taking a Creepy Crawl haunted pub tour this fall, check out a few of our tips to ensure you have an amazing time.

How to Enjoy a Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

Listen to Your Guide

Pub crawls are fun because they invite visitors to explore the nightlife of a new city. But a Creepy Crawl haunted pub tour is so much more than that! In addition to seeing Savannah’s best bars and pubs, you’ll learn all about the city’s history from licensed, professional guides. Many of the guides are long-time Savannah locals and are well-versed in the area’s legends and haunts. Listen closely as your guide tells tales and stories about Savannah’s past. You’ll be glad you did!

Look for Ghosts as You Imbibe with Locals

Hoping for a paranormal encounter? You might just have one on the Creepy Crawl tour! You’ll stop for a drink at 4-5 haunted bars and pubs, all of which have long, eerie histories riddled with ghost stories. Plenty of paranormal experiences have been reported in the past, including visits from Old Chap at Cha Bella restaurant, yellow-fever ridden children at Moon River Brew Pub, and drunken sailors at The Pirates House. Boo!

Take the Tour at Night

While some tours are offered in the afternoon, we highly recommend taking advantage of the evening adventures that begin at 8:00 p.m. That’s when Savannah’s cobbled streets are clouded in darkness, and the city’s strange past becomes even more real. You’ll better experience the telling of ghost stories and phantasmagoric tales in the dark. (As an added bonus, the pubs will be more lively and the air will be cooler!)

Book in Advance

The Creepy Crawl haunted pub tour is the most popular ghost tour in the Savannah and often sells out on nights and weekends. We suggest making reservations in advance to secure your spot. For an even better deal, book your tour online. You’ll receive $2 off each ticket!

Stay at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn!

After an incredible night of bone-chilling thrills, make your way back to the Presidents’ Quarters Inn and relax! Our Savannah bed and breakfast is equally rich in history, but we promise you find any ghosts or goblins hiding under the bed. The inn is located in the heart of Savannah’s historic district and is just steps away from great sights, activities, and attractions in the city. We look forward to hearing about your experiences in Savannah!

Photo Credit: kzenon | Thinkstock