Savannah GA’s integral role during the days of slavery has made it one of the Lowcountry’s top destinations to experience African-American heritage. Whether you’re visiting during Black History Month or any other time of year, you won’t want to leave one of the many black history tours in Savannah, GA off your itinerary. Here is everything you need to know about Savannah’s African-American history and the tours that explore these stories.

Savannah’s African-American History

Since the 18th-century, African-Americans have made up a substantial proportion of Savannah’s population. In fact, slavery in Savannah, GA was very common before the emancipation. These slaves were responsible for the construction of several homes and public buildings in the 1700’s, some of which have survived to this day! They were also employed to build a system of earthworks and fortified positions that surrounded the city.

After the slaves were freed, Savannah became highly-integrated with whites living on the city’s main streets and blacks residing in the lanes behind. Due to this segregation, Savannah’s African-American population formed their own communities, churches, shops, and more that you can still visit today. Many of the black history tours in Savannah, GA will introduce you to these places while revealing the history and significance behind them!

3 of the Best Black History Tours in Savannah, GA

  1. Footprints of Savannah Walking Tours

The Footprints of Savannah Walking Tour leads you through the city’s antebellum years and how the citizens were deeply involved in the institution of slavery. You’ll wander through Savannah’s historic district and explore significant sites such as the Old Country Courthouse and Factor’s Walk.

  1.  Freedom Trail Tour

Led by Johnnie Brown, the Freedom Trail Tour in Savannah is a visitor favorite! It’s unique in the fact that it explores the efforts taken by slaves to escape. Aboard a van, tourists will begin at the Savannah Visitors Center and explore sites such as remnants of the underground railroad in Savannah, GA, places where slaves were bought and sold, and much more.

  1. 40 Acres and a Mule

The 40 Acres and Mule Tour is a 2 ½-hour long adventure that takes visitors on a journey to six downtown squares. The tour guides will focus on Savannah’s history of slavery and its path to freedom. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our area’s rich African-American heritage while seeing some of the city’s most beautiful sites.

Experience More Black History at These Savannah Attractions

Whether or not you embark on one of the black history tours in Savannah, GA, you won’t want to miss these fascinating local attractions that illustrate the role of African-Americans in the Lowcountry.

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Named after the father of modern-day Savannah’s Civil Rights Movement leader, this black history museum in Savannah, GA has played an important part in the city’s African-American heritage. It chronicles the civil rights struggle of Georgia’s oldest African-American community through photographic and interactive exhibits that are sure to delight and educate.

First African Baptist Church

One of the many fantastic places to visit in the area is the First African Church Savannah. The sanctuary still contains many of the historical elements, allowing the congregation to preserve much of its rich history. From the stain glass windows to the old wooden pews, the church is kept in top-notch condition as it still maintains its heritage.

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