A Review of Beaches Near SavannahSavannah is a beautiful port city and it seems to have everything you need to make a great vacation! There’s history, art, music, food, shopping, and much natural beauty. For example, the beaches of Savannah are just beautiful! Coastal Georgia is in fact made up of a string of barrier islands. Most of these are not inhabited and are protected by law. However, you can reach them by boat or kayak.

Here is a review of four beaches near Savannah:

Tybee Island

Tybee Island contains the closest beach to Savannah, at about a 20-minute drive from downtown. Known as “Savannah’s Beach,” this is one of the more popular and accessible beaches along the Georgia coast. Tybee Island has the feel of a working-class, old-school beach town, like Georgia’s own version of Coney Island. Don’t miss a climb to the top of the historic lighthouse at the north end of the island for a good view of the ocean and beach from on high.

Hilton Head Island

Although Hilton Head is located in South Carolina, it’s close enough to Savannah that the two destinations share an airport, Savannah/Hilton Head International (airport code SAV). Hilton Head has 12 miles of beach and is one of the more popular resort destinations along the entire southeastern coastline, particularly among golf and tennis enthusiasts. The island is home to many gated resort communities and has a few public beach access points. Traffic can be heavy on Hilton Head year-round, but especially during the spring and summer months.

Little Tybee Island

Little Tybee Island is actually much bigger than its neighbor Tybee Island, just a lot less visited. Owned by the state of Georgia, Little Tybee is an uninhabited protected natural habitat with a long stretch of pristine beach accessible by boat or sea kayak. Camping is allowed on the island, but keep in mind that you must bring all your supplies (including fresh water) as there are no services of any kind.

Wassaw Island

Another beach near Savannah that takes some effort to reach is the one at Wassaw Island. Also an uninhabited, undeveloped barrier island, Wassaw is a National Wildlife Refuge managed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The beach is open to visitors by boat during the daylight hours and is one of the Georgia coast’s prime bird-watching spots. If you want to feel like you have a seven-mile strand of sand all to yourself and the birds, Wassaw Island is the place.”

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Photo courtesy of: ChicaD58 (busy)