4520301568_8c977f7d6e_oSavannah is known for an array of things, from its delicious food to its sweet southern style. One special thing that people are reminded of when thinking of Savannah is the beautiful setting. Several films have been shot in this picturesque city, giving people another reason to come and explore Savannah! When you come to stay with us at the Presidents’ Quarters Inn, you will have several opportunities to step into your favorite movie that was filmed in Savannah or the surrounding area. Here are 3 hit movies filmed in Savannah that you should definitely watch before visiting the city!

1. Forrest Gump

One excellent movie filmed in Savannah is Forrest Gump. The icon bench scene is located in the heart of Savannah. The most frequently asked question of visitors to the city is where is the Forrest Gump bench located. An interesting fact about the movie, 80% of the film was actually just Forrest sitting on the bench. The bench was once located at Chippewa Square; however, it has been relocated to the Savannah History Museum. Take a step into the movie and be transported into the life of Forrest Gump with a visit to this special location and the museum!

2. Force of Nature

Featuring stunning shots of Savannah throughout the film, Force of Nature gives you a glimpse of the southern city before you have the opportunity to explore it yourself.  From DeRenne Avenue to the historic downtown, an array of locations and people are featured in the movie, starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. The Comer House, located on the corner of Taylor and Bull Street on Monterey Square, is seen in the first few minutes of the movie as Bridgette tries to escape her parent’s bickering. The movie also has scenes featuring the Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse of Savannah! Rent this movie for awesome shots of Savannah!

3. The Last Song

For all you romantics out there, this is a movie you must see! The Last Song, a Nicholas Sparks’ novel that was turned into a movie in 2010, might cause you to shed a few tears while watching it. This heart wrenching film follows the love story of Veronica and Will, portrayed by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The movie was filmed on neighboring Tybee Island, just a few minutes outside of Savannah! This love story is the first film to be both shot and set on Tybee Island! Take a day trip to the Island to see where every scene was filmed!

As you are planning which hit movies filmed in Savannah to watch next, start planning a trip to see all the sights on which the films were shot! Savannah offers so many things to do when you visit. You can download a free copy of our Savannah Vacation Guide to learn about all of the other fun activities and beautiful views here in Savannah! Then book your stay at The Presidents’ Quarters Inn – our historic Savannah boutique hotel. We offer you the finest accommodations and will provide you a signature gourmet breakfast every morning of your stay. You will be able to choose from any of the 16 rooms that the Inn has to offer. You can book your stay today to help ensure that you will have a fantastic trip that you’ll remember! Start watching your movie marathon today!


Photo courtesy Google Images.